IBM Cloud Container Service now available for IBM Cloud Dedicated

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IBM Cloud Container Service now available for IBM Cloud Dedicated

IBM Cloud announced the general availability of Kubernetes support for IBM Cloud Container Service in May, 2017. We are now thrilled to bring this capability to IBM Cloud Dedicated customers. Customers using IBM Cloud Dedicated can now deploy Kubernetes clusters in their environments within minutes.

IBM Cloud Dedicated is an isolated cloud environment managed by IBM and dedicated to a single customer. This enables developers to build cloud-native applications around sensitive intellectual property and data that needs to be protected and secured.

Below are the important capabilities and differences that customers can expect when using the container service in IBM Cloud Dedicated v/s using it out on IBM Cloud Public.

a. Built in Networking: IBM sets up the account with the additional networking needed for creating private container clusters within their Dedicated environment. Once set up, customers have access to the same machine types that are available today in IBM Cloud Public to start creating and deploying clusters.

b. Isolated by Default: Only the Dedicated Hardware flavor of the Container Service will be deployed in Dedicated environments. This guarantees that all compute resources within a Dedicated environment, have the same level of isolation. (Note: In IBM Cloud Public, a client has the option to choose either shared or dedicated).

c. Network Perimeter: IBM will set up a secure network perimeter around any deployed clusters to prevent any unauthorized network traffic flows into or out of the Dedicated environment.

d. Monitoring: The Dedicated environment will be monitored to ensure that the core cluster management functionality (cluster creation, connectivity, etc) is always up and running.

e. User Experience: : Seamless user experience integration in both the UI and CLI for cluster operations from within the Dedicated environment.

IBM Cloud Dedicated

As shown in the figure above, the IBM Cloud Dedicated environment with the Kubernetes-based Container Service now gives additional compute options to Enterprise developers. They can use any combination of Cloud Foundry and Containers to build their secure cloud-native applications and integrate them with their dedicated services. With the container orchestration capabilities that Kubernetes provides, developers can now build scalable container based applications secured within their IBM Cloud Dedicated environments.

Next Steps

If you an existing Cloud Dedicated user, contact your administrator to enable the IBM Cloud Container Service. Visit IBM Cloud Dedicated to learn more about how to get started.

Additional Info

Learn more about the IBM Cloud Container Service here.

View the webcast on how easy it is to get started on containers in a Cloud Dedicated environment.

Learn more about Kubernetes here.

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