IBM Cloud Container Registry to Bill for Storage Used by Untagged Images

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Starting 1 February 2022, IBM Cloud Container Registry will be billing for the storage that is used by untagged images.

What are untagged images?

Untagged images are images in the registry that don't have a tag. You can create untagged images in several ways — for example, by pushing different images consecutively by using the same tag.

Do I have any untagged images?

To find out if you have any untagged images, list your images by running the ibmcloud cr digests command. Untagged images have a hyphen (-) in the Tags column.

Do I need them?

If you have active containers running untagged images, you need the untagged images. If you delete untagged images that are in use, you can cause problems scaling or in the case of an automated restart. For this to be a problem, you will have deployed referencing the image by digest or your image reference could have been mutated by a webhook service (e.g., portieris).

How does this change affect me?

If you have a large number of untagged images, you might see an increase in the bill for IBM Cloud Container Registry. You can mitigate this extra cost by deleting any untagged images that you do not require.

How can I remove them?

You can remove them individually, collectively or using retention policies.

  • To remove them individually, run the following command, where <repository> is your repository and <digest> is your digest: ibmcloud cr image-rm <repository>@sha256:<digest> For more information, see here.
  • To remove them collectively, you can use the image-prune-untagged command. See here for more.
  • To use retention policies, including untagged images, see here.

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