IBM Cloud Availability Monitoring Deprecation

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The IBM Cloud Availability Monitoring service is being deprecated. This applies to both the paid plan and the lite plan.

As of July 7, 2020, no new instances of the service will be created. The end of support date for the service is September 30, 2020. At this time, all instances will be removed.

Options to replace the service

IBM Cloud Application Performance Management (APM)

With IBM Cloud APM, you will get the same synthetic testing capabilities that Availability Monitoring offers, plus the ability to deep-dive into infrastructure monitoring, inspect transaction traces, and manage application performance. Learn more about IBM Cloud APM and start a free 30-day trial.

This service is available through the IBM Marketplace, which means that you will be billed separately from your IBM Cloud account. You can also learn more about the product and its depth of performance management capabilities by contacting your IBM sales team.

IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig

A second option is Sysdig, which is an IBM Cloud partner. You can learn more about IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig capabilities, and go here to add it to your IBM Cloud account.

Sysdig ingests metrics to monitor the health of applications and infrastructure. Get started with Sysdig by provisioning an instance and connecting it to your Kubernetes, OpenShift, Linux, and Docker resources.

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

In addition, IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA now supports logging for Cloud Foundry apps. Monitor logs from Cloud Foundry apps through the Log Analysis with LogDNA instance that is configured to receive platform services logs in the location where the app is running. You can learn more about the service here and add it to your IBM Cloud account here.

To add it to your account on IBM Cloud, follow this link for more information.

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