IBM Cloud and Freelancer Combine Forces to Help Companies Close the Cloud Skills Gap

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The IBM Center for Cloud Training and Freelancer, the world's largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, have combined forces to help win the race for cloud talent.

Together, they will be making IBM Cloud training programs available for use in Freelancer projects and contests. This program provides Freelancer’s community of 51 million participants the ability to learn cloud skills by leveraging IBM’s experience in building, deploying and managing enterprise applications in cloud environments. 

According to Freelancer’s Chief Executive, Matt Barrie, this program can help close the skill and talent gaps hindering cloud adoption, as IBM and Freelancer together will enable businesses to reap the rewards of cloud integration by developing a strong cohort of certified developers.

Freelancers can now participate in IBM-sponsored contests and bid on cloud projects, allowing them to build cloud skills and earn industry-recognized certifications, proving their knowledge to clients and the community.

Click here for more information on how the IBM Center for Cloud Training and Freelancer have joined forces.

Cloud adoption has accelerated across enterprises over the past year, driving a growing demand for IBM Cloud. The IBM Center for Cloud Training and Freelancer program will allow us to provide quality cloud training and groom open talent with a hybrid model of full-time workers and freelancers.

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Watch the IBM Think 2021 session on “Building cloud-native apps with ease on IBM Cloud” to explore how IBM leverages for various projects (excerpt begins at 17:30 mins onward).

The IBM Center for Cloud Training offers role-based and specialty IBM Cloud training and certifications. No-charge technical and non-technical training is available for those who are new to cloud or new to IBM Cloud. The IBM Center for Cloud Training is grounded in knowledge gained through real-world cloud engagements with enterprise clients.

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