IBM and Turbonomic: Delivering IT Operations Resiliency in the New Normal

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The state of IT operations in the face of fast-paced innovation.

Application Hosting Infrastructure has changed dramatically in the past 21 years. With the invention of the hypervisor, organizations were first introduced to the possibility of sharing resources with all of the applications in an environment, instead of assigning application-specific resources. Since then, the market has evolved at a rapid pace — we have observed massive advancements made in software-defined data centers (SDDC), cloud environments, and cloud native technologies.

While all of this innovation has enabled organizations to scale their environments, it has also added increasing layers of complexity to those trying to manage the resourcing needs of these new, complex applications. With thousands of applications demanding various resource configurations, the problem of allocating the necessary resources to every application has amassed to a problem beyond human scale. However, organizations cannot afford to under-allocate resources and put the end-user experience at risk. When an application does not get the resources it demands, the adverse impact on performance can translate to a customer staring at the dreaded “loading” sign.

Poor end-user experience means lost revenue

According to Forbes, 70% of customers report that page speed affects their willingness to buy. The same study showed that a slow loading time caused 22% of customers to close the tab, 15% to go to a competitor’s site, and 12% to disparage the site. When put in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic where retailers are seeing a 141% growth in digital sales, a loading time longer than one second can lead to millions of lost revenue.

Consider an event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, when consumers do most of their holiday shopping — the consequence of a slow loading application can be devastating for a retail company. IBM realizes the consequences of loading times for our customers, which is why we have partnered with Turbonomic, the leader in Application Resource Management, to provide our customers with a solution.

The IBM-Turbonomic way forward

Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) takes an application-centric approach to managing resources across highly complex environments. The ARM platform uses API integrations to tie into the application and all of its underlying layers, enabling a comprehensive understanding of what resources are available in the environment and the precise amount of resources the application needs in any given millisecond.

Turbonomic provides a common data model that ingests, normalizes, and manages all shared resources on which application performance depends. Because of this unique approach, the software can tell IT Operations teams specifically how many resources they need in an environment and which resources they don’t need, as well as reduce loading times caused by an application starving for resources.

Customer spotlight: Carhartt

Many retail companies already realize the benefit of Turbonomic, and Carhartt has seen the power of the ARM platform first-hand in their environment. Alongside Turbonomic, Carhartt also leverages AppDynamics, an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution, to identify any code-related issues in their environment. Gary Prindle, Senior Systems Engineer, partnered with the Turbonomic team who manages through Black Friday, one of Carhartt’s most significant days of the year.

By tying into every layer of the application stack, Turbonomic’s ARM platform was able to understand the relationships between Carhartt’s applications and underlying infrastructure, providing them with a full-picture view of their environment. Turbonomic was then able to generate actions such as adjusting Java Heap sizes, powering off low-use systems, and adjusting and consolidating VM hardware. With Turbonomic’s help, Gary and team were able to prevent performance issues and drive record sales during (and beyond) the holiday season.

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