IBM and Docker Bring Production-Ready Containers to Europe

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IBM and Docker Bring Production-Ready Containers to Europe

As of May 23rd IBM Bluemix Container Service now provides a native Kubernetes operations experience while removing the burden of maintaining master nodes. Kubernetes itself is based on the Docker engine for managing software images and instantiating containers. Get the details.


Europe is certainly not late in recognizing the benefits of containers. In fact, interest in Docker container technology has been rapidly spreading across Europe with an active, vibrant Docker community. On Docker’s Community web page, there are Meetup groups listed for over 80 cities in Europe – from Pisa, Italy to Krakow, Poland.

The benefits of containers are well documented and these have not gone unnoticed by European businesses. Containers give software developers a way to package an application with all of its dependencies into a ‘container’ that can be deployed and run the same regardless of the underlying environment. This application portability enables developers to ship software more frequently because they don’t have to spend time setting up and troubleshooting different environments across the dev/test pipeline. Containers are also very lightweight, making efficient use of the resources they run on.

Announcing Docker Trusted Registry for Europe

Although the large, open source community is the driving force behind the rapid adoption of Docker containers, many customers want the security and peace of mind of a commercially-supported solution. With an open source solution, the onus is on the end user to file and lobby for code fixes. On the other hand, a commercially-supported solution allows you to focus on your application and let Docker handle the bug fixes. With this in mind, Docker partnered with IBM to launch their first commercial offering – Docker Trusted Registry with commercially supported Docker Engines – in June of this year with availability in North America only. This offering is now available in Europe for businesses looking for a commercially supported Docker solution.

Production-Ready Containers: Docker Trusted Registry brings the wildly popular open source Docker on premises for customers who want the added security and control of a production ready solution. What makes it production ready? In addition to formal support from IBM and Docker, Docker Trusted Registry provides clients with a private registry behind the firewall, security and compliance capabilities to manage access control, and integration with existing directories such as LDAP and Active Directory. It also comes with a user interface for administrators to monitor the health of the registry.

Docker and DevOps Tools: Docker Trusted Registry is a great complement to commercial tools for DevOps, such as IBM UrbanCode. This enables developers, as part of their continuous integration and delivery software pipeline, to coordinate and automate the deployment of multi-container Docker application environments to the different stages of the delivery pipeline, as well as manage promotions, approvals and inventories. The end result is faster and more reliable software delivery.

Hosted cloud environment in Europe: For those customers who are interested in running their Docker containers in a hosted cloud environment in Europe, IBM recently announced their first Docker-based hosted container service available in Bluemix UK. The availability of IBM Containers in London mitigates many users’ concerns regarding securing their data within the European Union. In addition to the Docker capabilities themselves, users also benefit from the IBM Containers capabilities including enterprise-ready images, the security readiness guidance of the Vulnerability Advisor, integrated logging and monitoring, binding to the 120+ Bluemix services and many more unique features.

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To learn more about production ready containers from IBM and Docker, visit the IBM and Docker resource center. And if you are looking to run your business critical workloads in a hosted cloud environment using Docker technology, visit IBM Containers on Bluemix.

Ted Mazanec is a Program Director in IBM’s Cloud Business Unit driving the IBM and Docker partnership to bring the benefits of container technology to clients. Ted has been involved in cloud computing solutions for over six years, primarily in offering management and strategy roles.

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