IBM Analytics Engine Serverless Plan Is Now Available on IBM Cloud

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Put your focus back on analytics, get the insights to make your business successful and let IBM Analytics Engine manage all the infrastructure and cluster management details.

IBM Analytics Engine provides Hadoop and Spark environments that optimize the scaling of compute and storage by separating the two. The new Serverless Plan takes this optimization a step forward by offering a way for customers to get almost 100% utilization with Spark instances. To achieve this high utilization, Analytics Engine manages the provisioning and de-provisioning of Spark clusters to ensure resources are running when there is a submitted workload, saving time and costs.

Today, we’re seeing common cluster utilization for current Apache Spark users range from 20% to 60%, leaving a ton of compute resources on the table, sitting idle. Keeping these clusters provisioned and managed also takes up your team’s time and effort, with the potential for costly errors when estimating and sizing the appropriate resources for an analytics workload.

The new IBM Analytics Engine Serverless plan offers a consumption-based usage model to eliminate these challenges. Customers only pay for the compute resources they consume and only consume what they need.

IBM Analytics Engine Serverless helps make Spark easier to consume, and the new plan’s per-second billing helps users control costs. In addition to supporting the latest version of Apache Spark, Analytics Engine Serverless has persistent Spark customization within an instance, so users can bring their own libraries and override the default Spark configuration, with the ability to keep changes each time a new cluster is provisioned.

With add-ons built by IBM Research (such as geospatial toolkit, data skipping and Parquet modular encryption) and integration with IBM Cloud Object Storage, Watson Knowledge Catalog and Watson Studio, you can ramp up your analytics with fast cluster provisioning managed for you. As part of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, Analytics Engine works with the tools you already have to support every step in the data science value chain.

Get started

Only pay for what you use, manage less and put your focus back on the business and analytics.

Provision an IBM Analytics Engine Serverless plan instance here, and get $200 in IBM Cloud credit if this is your first time signing up.

Learn more about Analytics Engine here.

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