HPCaaS from Rescale on IBM Cloud is Available in Tokyo

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The IBM Cloud team is announcing the general availability (GA) of HPCaaS from Rescale on IBM Cloud in the Tokyo region. The offering previously went GA for US-only locations in October 2018.

The HPCaaS from Rescale on IBM Cloud offering is a turnkey high-performance computing (HPC) service. Using this service, clients can rapidly execute their HPC jobs on IBM Cloud with their choice of application, compute type, and number of compute nodes.

The Rescale ScaleX® platform accelerates innovation by enabling enterprises to easily and securely deliver high-performance computing (HPC) resources as a service in the IBM Cloud.  Workflows are simply created to connect compute-intensive applications to the right cloud-based architecture based on factors such as compute type (e.g., CPU, GPU), budget, or project.  Through the Rescale platform experience on IBM Cloud, engineers and scientists are able to solve the toughest problems in a short amount of time while reducing cost.

The Rescale ScaleX® platform on IBM Cloud solves the challenges of implementing, allocating, and managing public cloud infrastructure resources for HPC. This new HPCaaS from Rescale on IBM Cloud offering features a turnkey administrative portal and the ability to manage and monitor consumption within your organization.

Benefits of utilizing HPC infrastructure in the IBM Cloud

  • Match workloads to the right architecture based on cost, capability (e.g., CPU, GPU type), or a mix of price-performance.
  • Access a wide variety of the latest compute architectures.
  • Automatically grow or shrink your cloud environment based on demand.
  • Keep your data secure with end-to-end enterprise grade security.

Core capabilities

Platform and team management

  • Create and manage groups, projects, and resources.
  • View, filter, and manage jobs across the enterprise.
  • Enforce job, data, and hardware/software restrictions.
  • Control access to software licenses (both on-demand and bring-your-own license).
  • Set project- and role-based policies.

Broad applicability and scalability

  • 10+ software applications ported and tuned for HPC on the IBM Cloud.
  • Compute and network optimization options for the most demanding workloads.
  • Easy access to the latest CPU and GPU technology.
  • Options to run on both virtualized and bare metal systems.

Cost management and reporting

  • View billing summaries in real-time.
  • Set company-, project-, and individual-level budgets.
  • Enforce budget behaviors to suit your spending requirements.

There are numerous scenarios that could be right when looking to move a workload to the IBM Cloud, including workloads that do the following:

  • Allow your teams to fail fast and quickly iterate until the right design is found
  • Have ad-hoc requirements that cannot be met by your current on-premise environment
  • Require the use of specific GPUs or CPUs that are not locally available
  • Would benefit from the large scale and flexibility of the IBM Cloud

You can significantly reduce the need for constantly managing the application software licenses and upgrades to on-premises infrastructure. This decreases your overall cost and can accelerate your organization’s performance.

Learn more

For more helpful tips, check out our frequently asked questions on HPCaaS from Rescale on IBM Cloud to explore other features and capabilities you can take advantage of while using this offering.

Visit IBM Cloud to sign up and get started on HCPaaS from Rescale right away. If you need assistance, you can reach out to our support team directly.

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