Get Started with $500 in Credits for IBM Cloud Block and File Storage

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Are you looking to supercharge your storage solution?

Now is a great time to give IBM Cloud Block Storage and IBM Cloud File Storage a try. For a limited time, you can provision up to $500 in USD credits at no cost on a variety of cloud servers in IBM Cloud, including IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers.

NetApp and IBM Cloud offer you unrivaled performance with cloud storage solutions built to address your specific industry needs, with powerful performance in the cloud previously achieved only on-premises.

With NetApp-backed file and block storage you can build and run workloads consistently across the full cloud stack, on-premises and edge environments.

Why choose NetApp on IBM Cloud?

  • Flexible customization with endurance or performance provisioning
    • Endurance provisioning: Supports most workloads and various application needs at your desired level with simple, predefined, per-gigabyte pricing tiers up to 48,000KB IOPS.
    • Performance provisioning: Manage rapid data changes and well-defined performance requirements. Control both storage capacity and total number of IOPS per storage volume.
  • Smart and safe management: Stay confident with storage designed to protect against data loss during maintenance or failures with data at rest encryption, volume duplication and snapshots and replication.
  • Expandable volumes and adjustable IOPS: Increase or decrease your IOPS and expand existing volumes to meet dynamic workload demands. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.
  • Predictable billing with pre-defined pricing: Lock in your costs without the surprise of hidden fees or additional charges. Help ensure lower costs with TB increments, and for greater flexibility, you can choose between hourly or monthly billing for long-term or short-term storage needs.
  • Global footprint: Provision block and file storage alongside your cloud servers in IBM Cloud data centers around the world, giving you greater agility across more locations and applications.
  • SAP workload support: IBM Cloud offers the most performant SAP-certified compute infrastructure of any cloud provider, enabling businesses to deploy production-capable systems to meet the largest SAP HANA requirements. Scale performance to 180,000 IOPS and 18 TB per individual storage mount.

How to redeem your promo

To take advantage of this limited-time promotion for block or file storage, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Log in to the IBM Cloud catalog and click Storage.
  2. Select File Storage or Block Storage. Click Create.
  3. Select your deployment Location (data center). Ensure that the new Storage is added in the same location as the compute host or hosts that you have.
  4. Billing method — if you selected a data center with improved capabilities (marked with an asterisk), you can choose between Monthly or Hourly Billing.
  5. Enter your storage size in the Size field.
  6. Select either Endurance (tiered IOPS) or Performance (allocated IOPS).
  7. For Endurance, select the IOPS tier that your application needs. For Performance, enter the IOPS in the Performance (Allocated IOPS) field.
  8. Click in the field under Snapshot space and select the snapshot size from the list. This space is in addition to your usable space. For snapshot space considerations and recommendation, read Ordering Snapshots for Block Storage or Ordering Snapshots for File Storage.
  9. On the right, review your order summary, and apply your promo code: NetApp500. Note: Discounts are applied when the order is processed.
  10. After you reviewed the terms and conditions, check the I have read and agree to the Third-Party Service Agreements box.
  11. Click Create. Your new storage allocation is available in a few minutes.

New to IBM Cloud?

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Navigate to the IBM Cloud Block Storage Catalog or IBM Cloud File Storage Catalog to select and customize your deployment.

For questions on this promotion, order inquiries or anything related to storage on IBM Cloud, chat with one of our sales representatives by clicking on the blue "Let's Talk" icon in the bottom right of this page.

*Offer valid until Dec. 31, 2021. This discount cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount or offer. Offer valid while supplies last, and offer may not be immediately available in all IBM Cloud Data Centers. Offer is subject to availability. Offer is valid for only Digital, Direct, SLIC and DSW brand customers. Valid on new or existing client accounts. For existing client accounts, the promotion applies to new orders only. This offer is limited to one user per account while available. This offer is limited to applicable, monthly billed servers only. The discount applies to the IBM Cloud list price. Additional exclusions may apply.

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