Gain Cost Savings and Speed Deployment with Fully Managed Data and AI Services on the Cloud 

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Receive up to 60% off eligible solutions on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data as a Service through the Hybrid Subscription Advantage program.

As our customers accelerate their journey to the cloud, we’re making it easier than ever to take full advantage of the nearly infinite scale of cloud by removing the economic roadblocks to adoption. Today, we’re announcing the immediate general availability of a new program called Hybrid Subscription Advantage

The Hybrid Subscription Advantage program allows customers who have already purchased IBM Cloud Pak for Data software and system platforms to automatically qualify for substantial discounts (up to 60% off) on our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service. Access fully managed data and AI services that make it easy to collect, analyze and organize vast quantities of data, and leverage that data to advance AI-powered digital transformation. Our SaaS services instantly deploy from our services catalog. With zero maintenance and seamless, near constant updates, running our premier data and AI platform has never been easier.

How does the Hybrid Subscription Advantage program work?

Let’s say you have a set of VPC licenses to IBM Cloud Pak for Data software (or eligible cartridges, which are containerized software with a shared entitlement) that have not yet been deployed in your on-premises environment. You can leverage these unused Standard and Enterprise edition software licenses to obtain a substantial discount on their equivalent cloud services. 

Kick off projects faster

The Hybrid Subscription Advantage program is ideal for customers who are kicking off new projects and wish to leverage the cloud to quickly deploy their services. For example, many large U.S. retailers use an on-premises Db2 database (part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data) to house their point-of-sale data and store traffic data, customer loyalty information and online sales records. Suppose a retailer no longer wants to manage an on-premises database and prefers instead to migrate their environment to a fully managed Db2 on Cloud database. 

With the Hybrid Subscription Advantage program, the retailer can leverage their existing investment in IBM Cloud Pak for Data by transferring their on-premises software licenses to obtain a 60% discount on equivalent cloud-managed services (via IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service). Once their data hits the cloud, they can then rapidly use our machine learning and AI services to build models that provide a tailored recommendation engine to their customers, increasing overall sales. So, not only can this retailer reduce their capital expenditure and get out of the business of managing infrastructure, but they can also exercise brand new use cases to help accelerate their digital transformation. 

Next steps

To take advantage of the program today, head over to our Hybrid Subscription Advantage page and check out this flyer to learn more.

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