Exclusive Savings on Intel® Xeon® Processors for IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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Intel and IBM are now offering customers and partners two exclusive promotions for IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers built with the power of Intel® Xeon® processor technology. 

Intel Xeon Scalable processors on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers deliver built-in AI acceleration and consistent, predictable performance to simplify the transition to a common cloud foundation. Together, we’re excited to offer these exclusive savings to help budget-conscious customers tap into the benefits of cloud. 

$500 off Intel 8260 Processors 

Apply promo code "INTEL500" at checkout.

Ideal for high-capacity environments, server consolidation and roll-your-own virtualization workloads:

  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers (4-drive) featuring Intel Xeon 8260 processors 
  • One-time discount (not off the life of the server) 
  • Available for new and existing IBM Cloud account holders
  • New orders only
  • All operating systems
  • All IBM Cloud Data Centers
  • Limited-time offer through December 31, 2022

50% off 10Gbps uplinks for the life of the server

Apply promo code "SPEEDMEUP10" at checkout.

Ideal for HPC, virtualization and database applications workloads:

  • Any IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server featuring Intel Xeon processors
  • Available for new and existing IBM Cloud account holders
  • New orders only
  • Any operating systems
  • Select IBM Cloud Data Centers*
  • Limited-time offer through December 31, 2022

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Why Intel Xeon Processors and IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers? 

  • 100% bare metal, 100% dedicated: True, single-tenant, no-hypervisor, raw bare metal server provides hardware performance and direct access to compute resources for maximum control and security. 
  • Bandwidth perks: Free and unlimited inbound bandwidth, plus 20TB of free outbound bandwidth.**
  • Always the right combination: IBM Cloud and Intel time product availability to deliver over 11 million different bare metal server configurations. 
  • Intel optimized compute and storage: Data persistence with Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® Optane™ persistent memory and security with Intel® SGX and Intel® TXT.
  • Modern networking, global data centers: 50 data centers and PoPs in 9 regions and 27 availability zones around the world.
  • All server provisioning in one place: IBM Cloud Bare Metal and Virtual Servers in the same environment over the same private VLAN. 
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in: Choose tools and integrate with providers and partners as desired. 
  • Pay-as-you-use: On-demand hourly, monthly, and one-year and three-year contract term options. 

For more information on these promotions or if you have any questions, contact Stephanie Wing, Product Management Leader, IBM Cloud at smwing@us.ibm.com

To learn more about Intel and IBM Cloud, visit our partner solutions page. 

* Promo offers valid for signup while supplies last. Offer cannot be combined with any other promos or offers. Valid on new orders only. The Intel Xeon 8260 $500 off promotion is available in all IBM Cloud Data Centers. The 50% 10 Gbps port speed excludes the following IBM Cloud Data Centers: Amsterdam 01, San Jose 01, Singapore 01, Wash 01, DAL 05, DAL 06, Hong Kong 01. Valid through December 31, 2022. 

** 20 TB bandwidth included in the US, Canada and EU data centers; 5 TB bandwidth included in all other data centers

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