Exciting New Product Partners for IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

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IBM is teaming up with Sysdig, Hazelcast, Turbonomic, and Humio product partners to bring enhanced capabilities for your IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management applications.


IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management enables organizations to securely manage applications no matter how they are designed or where they are deployed. The Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management is a set of open, pluggable tools built around a core application and governance model. The core architecture help organizations model applications and dependencies, manage the lifecycles of both applications and infrastructure, consistently govern and secure applications and their deployment models, and deliver observability for the application’s full stack.


Sysdig is a powerhouse for monitoring and securing cloud native workloads. Joining forces with IBM, this partnership brings a fully integrated, powerful platform that delivers the security and performance that enterprises need in today’s multicloud world. 

Sysdig Secure and the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management can help you accelerate Kubernetes and cloud adoption by addressing security and regulatory compliance from the start on enterprise hybrid cloud environments.


IBM is partnering with Hazelcast to offer an in-memory computing platform for IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management that enables global enterprises to deliver low-latency, data-centric applications. As organizations use more and more data, many applications require low-latency data processing. Hazelcast can deliver very low latency through a robust distributed system design.


Turbonomic Application Resource Management extends the value of IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management solutions by producing analytics that are used to determine the exact next automated steps to take to ensure that applications always perform in a healthy state at all times.

Operation teams are no longer in firefighting mode waiting for issues to occur. Instead, they can focus on strategic initiatives knowing that their applications are continuously and accurately using resources.


IBM supports its enterprise customers with Humio’s modern complete data observability and management suite. IBM and Humio create solutions that combine Humio’s log management platform with IBM’s Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management applications. 

Humio minimizes the challenge of sifting through rapidly growing volumes of event and data logs by enabling users to log all data (both structured and unstructured) in real-time and at scale. With Humio’s logging, you can ingest logs, metrics, and traces. You are not restricted by indexing; therefore, you can ask queries that you did not plan to ask initially when you started collecting logs—this feature is known as “ask anything.”

How to get started

Install and integrate these partner products with IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management V1.3.2 by following the instructions in the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management Knowledge Center.

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