Event Streams Adds Value to Kafka

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G2 recently named IBM Event Streams the #1 market leader in Event Stream Processing Software in both Overall Grid and Enterprise Grid categories.

G2's scoring considers both market presence and customer satisfaction when evaluating products. The overall grid represents all reviewers and the enterprise grid focuses on companies with 1000+ employees. IBM Event Streams is proud to be a solution that adds more value than Kafka alone and scales for the needs of organizations of all sizes to win #1 in both categories.

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What is IBM Event Streams?

IBM Event Streams is a capability in the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration. It provides access to enterprise data through event streams, enabling businesses to unlock insights from event-based data, and identify and take actions in real time and at scale.

One of the IBM differentiators highlighted was the ability to manage event endpoints seamlessly alongside API management. A G2 reviewer who is a software developer at a small business praised this integration, saying “We are using IBM Cloud Pak mainly for API management and event stream processing and it solved our problems to test our development solutions in the cloud before the final launching of the products.”

The Cloud Pak for Integration has won multiple design awards, and we prioritize usability, building integration software that is easy to use and makes your tasks smoother. One G2 reviewer from a computer security company listed our interface as a favorite, stating that "Better built interface is a very positive side among other competitors. And it's very easy to manage and plan different events."

IBM has delivered the value associated with Kafka, helping users build responsive applications that react to events in real time. A user in healthcare described the best part of the Cloud Pak as, “It has real-time events streaming and process automation.”

When planning robust and versatile IT architecture, companies enable digital transformation by accelerating event-driven application development. The Cloud Pak for Integration platform supports multiple types of integration and is designed to meet companies’ needs as they evolve.

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IBM is honored to be recognized by G2 as the #1 leader in this space. Stay tuned to hear about IBM's continued work on event stream processing capabilities. 

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