Enhanced Dedicated Hosts for Memory-Hungry Workloads

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The data collected by you, our clients, continues to grow. This drives us to improve the performance of every workload type you may encounter.

Lately, we’ve noticed a strict demand for higher memory profiles-per-core for dedicated host environments inside IBM Cloud Virtual Servers. To satisfy this need for increased performance and memory, we updated our 56-cores/242 GB RAM dedicated host to 56 cores/484 GB RAM.

The benefits of IBM Cloud Dedicated Hosts

When compared to standard IBM Cloud Virtual Servers, the benefits of IBM Cloud Dedicated Hosts start to stack up, given your workload needs:

  1. Affinity: You have greater control over which host your instances are allocated. The additional control extends throughout your workload capacity.
  2. Regulatory requirements: With single tenancy, you have the additional security needed—especially if you’re in a data-sensitive industry like Healthcare, Government, or Financial Services.
  3. Instance configuration: With dedicated hosts, you can configure and customize your instances as you wish. The instances on your host can vary, as long as they can fit onto the host. Mix and match based on your capacity requirements along the way.
  4. Performance: With single tenancy, customers can avoid the noisy neighbor affect which may be found when running workloads on standard virtual servers. Having resources fully allocated to the customer provides them with greater performance.

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