Enable users to provide direct feedback and understand user sentiments with Mobile Analytics

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Enable users to provide direct feedback and understand user sentiments with Mobile Analytics

As part of IBM Mobile Analytics Advanced plans we recently launched 2 new features called Sentiment Analysis and In-App feedback.

Sentiment Analysis

When a mobile user downloads an app from the Android Play store or Apple App Store, the user would look at the ‘Ratings and Reviews’ section to check for feedback. The ratings have a score in the scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest and reviews are comments submitted by the user along with the rating.  Most of the popular apps have higher ratings and positive reviews outnumber negative reviews by the user.  App owner would be very interested in tracking this score and could use the feedback to make improvements to future versions of the app like bug fixes, usability improvements or new features.

To derive more actionable insights from reviews we have launched a new feature called Sentiment Analysis as part of Mobile Analytics Advanced Plan. Sentiment analysis makes use of powerful cognitive capability from Watson services and provides a summarized view of user sentiment based on the reviews submitted by the users.  App owners can now use Sentiment analysis to get deeper insights into user reviews and can take actions to improve the app experience and get positive feedback from their users.

In-App Feedback

             “I am a mobile user and when using the mobile app some images on the page are not displayed correctly and hence I am unable to get the information required.   I want to report this issue to the app owner.

In the scenario described above the user needs to navigate to support section of the mobile app and provide a description of the issue’s faced.  To make the process simple and user friendly we have launched a new feature called In-App feedback as a part of Mobile Analytics Advanced Plan.  Using this feature a user can click the Feedback button on the page and attach a screen shot from the page along with comments without moving out of the page the user was navigating.

Submitting feedback is now very easy and the app owner can now look at the feedback received from the Analytics console and take actions to resolve the issue and push updates to the app.


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