Deprecation and Replacement of Swagger End Points for Push Notifications

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IBM Push Notifications enables you to send notifications to mobile devices and browsers.

It helps in delivering timely and relevant information to the users, even when the user is not using the app or website. Notifications can be targeted to all application users or to a specific set of users and devices using tags. You can deliver the notifications as an onscreen banner alert or to a device's locked screen, thus providing information updates that are quickly and easily accessible.

IBM Push Notifications offers a set of REST APIs that can be accessed from your backend server applications or client applications to consume some of the capabilities, such as tags, subscriptions, web hooks, etc. The Swagger UI can be used to review the REST API documentation.

Deprecated end points

The following swagger end points to access Push Notification REST API’s have been deprecated and will be removed on December 20, 2019:


Replacement end points

The latest swagger end points to access Push Notification REST API’s are as follows. Please use the relevant one based on your region of usage:

The documentation and other resources have been updated to use the latest URLs. However, if you have bookmarked the deprecated URLs or hardcoded the mobile client apps to use the deprecated URLs, then you will need to make the change to point to the new URLs.


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