Cloud Foundry on IBM Cloud: Fifth Anniversary

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Happy Birthday, IBM Cloud Foundry! Celebrating 5 years on IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud Foundry was introduced when IBM came out with its open Cloud-Based Development Platform under the Bluemix brand name (Bluemix has since been rebranded to IBM Cloud). 

That means that this summer marks the fifth anniversary of Cloud Foundry on IBM Cloud. Through this five-year journey, IBM Cloud has positioned itself as a major provider for enterprises looking to run workloads across public and private clouds, with Cloud Foundry playing a critical role in this strategy. 

New updates

On the eve of the fifth anniversary, we are excited to showcase some new updates that further improve the Cloud Foundry experience on IBM Cloud. 

All the various Cloud Foundry offerings can now be accessed from a single entry point on the cloud catalog or the menu on the IBM Cloud Console:


Both the above entry points lead to a single landing page for users to explore Cloud Foundry offerings on IBM Cloud:


Cloud Foundry Public lets you create cloud-native applications and run them on IBM Cloud Foundry's multi-tenant offering. This is geared for users who want a PaaS environment to get their apps running quickly and at low cost (based on the amount of memory consumed):


If you require more isolation and want full control of the environment, the Cloud Foundry Enterprise offering might be right for you. It allows the deployment of a single-tenant isolated Cloud Foundry environment with a single click, giving you full control of the PaaS environment to deploy your apps: 


​About IBM Cloud Foundry

IBM Cloud Foundry is a Cloud Foundry-certified development platform for cloud-native applications on IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud Foundry is the fastest and the cheapest way to build and host a cloud-native application on IBM Cloud

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