Boost Your Application Delivery with Citrix NetScaler

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Version 12.1 of NetScaler VPX appliances on IBM Cloud

Need a virtual software appliance to manage high-density web traffic on a global basis? The Citrix NetScaler VPX appliance, also known as Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC), can deliver enterprise-class, high-performance load balancing with advanced application delivery features, including Layer-4 through Layer-7 load balancing and global server load balancing (GSLB).

We are pleased to announce version 12.1 of NetScaler VPX appliances on IBM Cloud to incorporate the latest enhancements from Citrix and meet your business needs. This post will dive into some of our enhanced features that help improve your experience.

More flexible traffic distribution

With NetScaler VPX 12.1, you get more flexible choices in distributing end-user traffic than the previous version by using additional methods like least packets, token, and Source IP-Destination IP hashing with support for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

Greater visibility

To enhance your experience for this user-managed device, you now have greater visibility for GSLB and service group configuration through GUI. Moreover, you can also more easily collect statistics at the packet level with support for policy-based rate limiting to efficiently control the threshold of packets per second for highly active traffic.

Enhanced SSL offload

While you are running critical workloads, like e-commerce transactions, NetScaler VPX 12.1 provides you with additional support for more ECDHE cipher suites on the frontend and backend for lower resource consumption, while providing higher security requirements and efficient SSL handshakes. While security enhancements are at top-of-mind in these occasions, you can also shed milliseconds for power-hungry workloads.

With this version of VPX, for SSL offload purposes, you can also integrate the IBM Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliance for cryptographic key management. Please read this blog for more details.

Learn more

Please read our VPX 12.1 release notes to learn more about this new version of NetScaler VPX, and look through “Explore Load Balancers” to learn about more options you have while choosing load balancers.

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