Announcing the IBM i System Subscription

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Take advantage of subscription-based IT solutions for ultimate flexibility.

Subscription-based products and services have transformed the way we live our daily lives and enjoy the things we love. Think about the evolution in the way we consume music. You used to have to purchase an entire physical album that you owned forever, even if you just wanted one song. Today, we can subscribe to a monthly streaming service and get all the music we want on any device at one consistent price.

Businesses are starting to look at their IT solutions in the same way. They are looking to flexibly consume their IT requirements rather than owning hardware, storage and software, in the traditional sense. They want the ability to modify capacity or feature sets for quicker access to technology on-demand. As-a-service solutions can simplify IT environments, positioning clients to deploy resources to higher value projects. In net, they want the same flexibility that subscription-based services offer us in our daily lives.

What is the IBM i System Subscription?

Our small and midsize (SMB) IBM i clients have also expressed these needs when discussing the challenges of operating and maintaining their IT environments. They indicate that IT budget pressures are pushing them to adopt more solutions with cloud-like economics. They want to remain on-premises, keep their technology current and simplify operations.

Particularly present in conversations with our IBM i SMB clients is the need for consistency in payments of a set amount of capacity and not variable costs that make IT budget planning difficult. On top of all this, our IBM i SMB clients report that they are facing skills challenges, some with little to no IT staff in-house.   

Today, we are announcing the IBM i System Subscription. The IBM i System Subscription is a solution of the latest Power10 processor-based hardware (the Power S1014) with 57% more performance per core compared to Power S914 [1], IBM i software, and services to support and assist in the operation of our IBM i SMB clients’ environments.

The IBM i System Subscription solution is billed on an annual basis to the client. Clients can get their entire IT solution as-a-service for less than $55 per user, per month at the IBM i P05 license level. The client can choose three-to-five-year initial subscription terms, with renewal options of one or more years. Payment terms and price do not change over the duration of the subscription.

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The IBM i System Subscription is designed to make planning easier for our small and midsize clients. With consistency in annual payments over the term of the subscription, IT infrastructure planning becomes a lot simpler. Clients can keep their business-critical workloads on-prem while still taking advantage of cloud-like economics. And if new technology becomes available, at your next subscription, you can upgrade to the latest and greatest — maintaining your investment for your most important applications.

Learn more about the IBM i System Subscription and the latest with IBM i.

[1] Based on IBM internal testing. SMT8 rPerf results for IBM Power S914/4-core rPerf per core of 20.2 (81/4 cores) compared to IBM Power S1014 rPerf per core of 31.8 (127/4 cores). All results can be found here.

[2] Based on the annual subscription list price at the IBM i P05 license level, divided by 12 months, divided by 25 users.

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