Announcing IBM Process Mining

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Achieve maximum value with your automation investments.

Only 26% of organizations embarking on their intelligent automation journey have an enterprise-wide intelligent automation strategy (Deloitte). 

Statistically speaking, most organizations who have automated have felt the sting of numerous, long sessions on deciding what and when to automate, what technologies to use and putting in a plan to achieve ROI. The time spent answering these questions makes it difficult to prioritize automation initiatives and predict their impact on the desired business outcomes. Throw in the international health crises, out-of-office workplace, shifting market demands and decreasing budgets, and it makes it even more difficult to have successful automation projects.

The good news is that you are not alone, and we work with several organizations like yours to help create the perfect automation roadmap that will help you prioritize and optimize value for your automation initiatives.

We recently acquired an AI-powered process-mining solution from the Italian company myInvenio, and we include it within our IBM Cloud Paks® for Automation — a collection of enterprise capabilities to create automation solutions for business and IT. With IBM Process Mining, organizations can make faster decisions in automating business operations to gain a competitive edge and secure intelligent operational resilience in shifting market conditions. 

It's not too late to start automating the right way

Process mining is a technology that consumes operational events from systems, human interactions and applications that drive the operations of the business, and it creates a visual picture of your business processes. An end-to-end process model displays derivations of how business processes are being executed, which can be a shocking surprise to users whose first look at how their processes are really performing is not what they expected.

IBM Process Mining provides a set of data-mining algorithms that uncover derivations, bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are hidden in business processes. This data-driven approach gives users an objective view to analyze business processes, identify areas to focus automation initiatives and create what-if scenarios on prioritizing automation projects. Our solution provides both a business process and task simulation capability to test each scenario and create an automation project roadmap to meet the desired outcomes and predict when ROI is achieved. Process mining is integrated as a key pillar in the IBM Cloud Paks for Automation for you to use in one hyperautomation platform.

Plan the perfect automation roadmap with IBM Process Mining

With one in four companies struggling to meet their ROI targets from automation investments, starting out on the automation journey can be rough. 

IBM Process Mining capabilities reduce the effort in choosing the right activities to automate and best technologies to deploy to design a winning automation strategy:

  • Process mining automatically generates process models to save time discovering end-to-end business processes.
  • Predictive analytics locate the best process performance and makes predictions on lead times and costs of running processes to understand where in the process automation will make the biggest impact.
  • Task mining records user interactions, captures contextual data to calculate work times and detects performance patterns to decide the right amount of automation for the process.
  • Get the expected ROI from every automation initiative by testing what-if scenarios with simulation before automation implementation.
  • Combine data from business systems and user interactions to create a digital twin of your organization to see how the business is operating today and ensure process improvements are always relevant to the market. 

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IBM Process Mining capabilities will soon be available in the IBM Cloud Paks for Automation to help accelerate and scale AI-powered automation initiatives throughout the entire automation journey. 

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