Announcing IBM Key Protect London Region Release on IBM Cloud

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Announcing IBM Key Protect London Region Release on IBM Cloud

Having the ability to protect applications and supporting data in a public cloud environment is a critical component of all organizations security governance protocols. On December 15, 2017 IBM added a new security service to the London Region to help you build data-at-rest security into the IBM Cloud. IBM Key Protect is now available on the London Region Public IBM Cloud.

IBM Key Protect is an encryption key management service that offers a simple and economical key management solution for managing keys that are used to encrypt data-at-rest in the IBM Cloud. IBM Key Protect manages the entire life-cycle of keys from key creation through application use, key archival, and key destruction, while also enforcing separation of duties between data management and key management.

Company policies, industry best practices, and government regulations increasingly require data-at-rest encryption with encryption key management to be included as fundamental components of overall data storage, data management, and data governance. By providing the mandatory control of user access requests to encryption keys IBM Key Protect helps clients secure their sensitive data from unauthorized access or in inadvertent employee release while meeting compliance auditing standards.

IBM Key Protect supports BYOK (Bring-Your-Own-Key – customer managed encryption) with applicable IBM data services. BYOK allows users to import master root-of-trust encryption keys created internally to better manage the security of their data-at-rest stored in the IBM Cloud.

IBM Key Protect: • Allows any encryption-capable block storage, object storage, database, or internal applications to use REST APIs for integrating encryption capabilities with IBM Key Protect eliminating the need to spend the time or effort building proprietary (and often insecure) solutions to protect encryption keys. • Supports BYOK (Bring-Your-Own-Key) customer managed encryption. • Provides the ability to delete keys without any residual copies remaining, thereby rendering any data encrypted under those keys cryptographically-erased. Once the encryption keys are deleted, you can be assured your data is no longer retrievable, regardless of the application or cloud data service that stored it. • Supports built in security based upon FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified hardware security modules (HSM) located within secure IBM Cloud data centers. • Gives cloud system administrators the ability to easily manage their encryption keys while creating roll-based employee access to data via a simple graphical user interface. • Offers no charge pricing for users requiring 20 or less keys!!

Start using IBM Key Protect today!!!

Look for the IBM Key Protect icon located in the Public IBM Cloud London Region catalog under the Platform – Security section.

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