Announcing IBM Event Streams v2019.2.1

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IBM Event Streams v2019.2.1 introduces a new schema registry, enhances support for Kafka Connect, and provides a connector catalog.

We are continually evolving IBM Event Streams—our popular event streaming platform that builds on the open source Apache Kafka® project. Before today, Event Streams customers already enjoyed the following: 

  • An exceptional user-experience
  • The most efficient way to deploy high-availability (HA), production-ready Apache Kafka for private cloud scenarios
  • Unrivaled bi-directional connectivity with an IBM MQ network
  • The ability to run IBM Event Streams on IBM Cloud Private or on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Today, I'm proud to announce the latest set of new features and enhancements.

IBM Event Streams now supports Apache Avro schemas and has a new schema registry

Event Streams now comes with a new schema registry.

Open source Apache Kafka is great at transferring messages, but what it lacks is the ability to validate the information contained within the messages. Many services will require that all messages include specific information in a specific data format. This is where schemas are needed.

Using schemas, you can define the structure of the data in a message and your Kafka applications can use this schema to ensure they are sending valid, well-formed data. The schema registry provides a location to store these schemas and allows your applications to access them. It is nicely integrated into IBM Event Streams user experience for common administration and integrated into the IBM Event Streams message browser to aid visualizing messages.


Enhanced support for Kafka Connect and new connector catalog

IBM Event Streams now ships and provides support for the Kafka Connect framework to help you integrate external systems with your IBM Event Streams Kafka cluster.

New in v2019.2.1, IBM Event Streams now includes a connector catalog that lists all connectors that have been verified with IBM Event Streams, including community-provided connectors and connectors supported by IBM.


TLS encryption for inter-pod communication

Before this release, all network connections into your IBM Event Streams deployment were already secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS). New in v2019.2.1 is the option to further enhance security by using TLS to encrypt inter-pod communication.

All of our Docker images are now based on the Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI)

Rebasing all of our IBM Event Streams components onto RedHat Universal Base Image (UBI) is an internal piece of refactoring work, but one that will really help make a difference in an enterprise setting. Our move to build on UBI is part of a broader initiative across IBM to standardize on a set of base container images, where this consistency can help enterprises streamline their software deployment processes. For more information on Red Hat UBI, see their blog post “Introducing the Red Hat Universal Base Image.”

Additional features

In addition to all of this, we have also introduced the following features and capabilities: 

  • You can now try IBM Event Streams Community Edition on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Event Streams is now supported on IBM Cloud Private v3.2.0
  • Event Streams version 2019.2.1 also includes Kafka release 2.2.0

For more information, see our IBM Event Streams product docs.

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