Announcing “App Launch” Experimental Service on Bluemix

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By: THEJASWINI Ramachandra

Accelerate Innovation Delivery

Ability to deliver innovations quickly and continuously to mobile applications in order to differentiate and stay ahead of competition is a key requirement in today’s fast changing world.

Today, most companies roll out features to mobile apps post the completion of the devops process in a linear fashion. App Owners are under tremendous pressure to accelerate the delivery of features and ponder upon the following possibilities

  • Can feature roll outs be accelerated through controlled release by mitigating risk?

  • Can features be rolled out to sub set of users first and drive larger roll out decisions based on real time feedback?

  • Can features be rolled back without app redeployment?

  • Can two variants of the same feature be tested with real users before finalizing?

Partnering with end users for early and real time feedback is a key requirement in this agile era and so is the ability to test multiple variants of app features to make data driven decisions. App Owners can now breathe a sigh of relief !

Introducing “App Launch” Experimental Service

We are pleased to announce the launch of “App Launch” an experimental service on Bluemix which facilitates App Owners to launch innovations to market faster and make broader decisions based on real time feedback. With App Launch, you can

  • Accelerate the delivery of innovations to mobile apps by avoiding release cycle complexities

  • Roll out features to specific set of users or a percentage of the entire user base

  • Define key performance indicators for features, measure the impact and make feature roll out/ roll back decisions based on real time feedback

  • Test variants of app features, user interface and make decisions based on hard data

  • Customize app behavior, user interface & messages to target user segments

App Owners can define the feature post which app developer will develop and release the feature with feature flags. Once the feature is ready to be rolled out, the app owner would define the target user segment, key performance indicator (KPI) and the trigger for the roll out. The results can be visualized in real time post the roll out.

Introducing “App Launch” Experimental Service

Get Started Today

Try out the service today and let us know your valuable feedback. Your feedback will help us to craft the service with the right experience and make it available for production usage soon.



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