Accelerate Chapter Two of Your Cloud Journey by Nurturing Innovation

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Exciting new announcements from Tech Mahindra and IBM Cloud.

As they embark on their cloud journeys, many businesses start with non-critical applications like email or collaboration. Migrating critical business applications may seem too daunting, as sensitive workloads, regulations, and other concerns come into play. Yet, the time has come when the benefits of cloud are too strong to be ignored. We call this Chapter 2, when modern organizations are beginning to migrate complex, business-critical applications to the cloud.

A strategy that embraces innovation is the key to this type of digital transformation. When organizations can nurture a culture based in innovation, they can cut through the mire of legacy technology that has built up over the years. Innovation fuels agile transformation, allowing businesses to make decisions based on the customer experience, rather than the way things have always been done.

Building an ecosystem that fuels innovation

To start, consider that two heads are better than one. When it comes to innovation, it is important to bring outside proficiency to the table. Global solutions integrators bring collaborative disruption and a future-forward viewpoint. Look for partners involved in open ecosystems that provides access and expertise to leading cloud technologies.

Tech Mahindra Ltd. is one such integrator that is helping clients bring an innovation approach to complex cloud migrations. Tech Mahindra recently joined the IBM public cloud ecosystem, a new initiative to support global system integrators and independent software vendors to help clients modernize and transform mission-critical workloads on the IBM public cloud.

Connecting to new ideas

Businesses can find further support in these innovation efforts by utilizing technology innovation centers. An innovation center is a dedicated space—virtual or in-person—to showcase new ideas and technologies and bring them to life via demos and immersive experiences. By providing opportunities to see and play with open cloud technology, these experiences can significantly accelerate the development of cloud-based applications and multicloud data management solutions.

Technology leaders are now building innovation centers designed specifically to address transformative cloud solutions. For example, Tech Mahindra and IBM recently announced plans to establish a series of innovation centers designed to help address complex business problems across the telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, retail, and health care industries.

The first center is planned to open in Bengaluru, India, later this year and specialize in transformation solutions built with IBM Cloud Paks, enterprise-ready containerized software based on Red Hat’s OpenShift. Tech Mahindra currently plans to open additional centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom in 2020.

The mother of invention

Curiosity drives the world, in forms both big and small. It impacts us all, from driving the human story forward to touching new frontiers. It’s this child-like curiosity that is behind every big invention. This curiosity helps us drive new frontiers in business innovation and impacts society at large. By connecting with partners, with open technology, and with each other, we can spark innovation, driving us to tackle complex business problems.

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