An E-Commerce Provider Embraces the Cloud

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TeeVid uses IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers and IBM Watson Media to deliver engaging, interactive virtual events to global audiences.

Case study: “An E-Commerce Provider Embraces the Cloud

T-Soft helps its customers create e-commerce solutions, and it provides an ecosystem of other integrated solutions, including social media, communications and business intelligence offerings. But choosing the right technology platform for its e-commerce solution proved to be challenging.

T-Soft determined that a cloud platform would provide the features it needed. However, when the company had tried working with other cloud platform vendors in the past, it was unable to find the local support it needed. When the company reached out to IBM, it found that IBM had a strong local presence in Turkey.

Working with the local IBM team in Turkey, T-Soft moved its e-commerce platform to IBM Cloud® Virtual Machines. The cloud platform provides the flexibility, resilience and scalability that the company needs to meet the constantly changing needs of T-Soft’s customers. T-Soft provides a choice of platforms to its customers, and the IBM Cloud platform is offered as a higher-tier solution with better service level agreements (SLAs).

“The technical support from IBM helps us get through anything. We plan to keep growing together. It’s a great partnership.” — Avni Arikan, Chief Technical Officer, T-Soft

As T-Soft continues to grow its customer base and add to its product portfolio, it plans to use the services available on IBM Cloud to help with product development. For example, T-Soft is currently running a proof of concept (POC) of the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.

Read the case study to learn how T-Soft has increased its cloud consumption by 300% in the past two years.

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