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DE & CTO, Digital Business Automation, IBM Automation

Allen Chan

Allen Chan is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Digital Business Automation. He is responsible for the IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation, including capabilities such as Business Process Management and Case Management, Decisions, Content Management, Application Designer, Robotic Process Automation and others (see the IBM Automation page for more).

He is passionate about ensuring customers' successful use of IBM products. Prior to that role, he had held various technical leadership roles in IBM BPM, such as the Chief Architect for Workflow (IBM BPM & Case Manager) and Blueworks Live.

In addition, he was the IBM BPM SWAT Technical Lead, where he led a team of experts to help ensure customer success in key IBM BPM deployment and rollout scenarios.

He is the holder of multiple patents in Canada, United States and China, and he is the author of multiple articles around business processes, automation and applied AI in automation.