AJPBiz Expands Operations Overseas and Leverages IBM Cloud Servers to Meet Demand

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Today, digital transformation is revolutionizing the marketplace.

It taps into technologies to create and modify business processes and customer experiences, allowing organizations to meet changing market needs and business requirements. The telecom industry is no stranger to this transformation and has been quick to pick up this trend.

Delivering connectivity to enterprises

AJP Business Pte Ltd (AJPBiz)—an internet service provider—seeks to deliver powerful and reliable connectivity to secure network solutions that help enterprises propel their business performance and productivity. Founded in 2009, this Singapore-based telco provides offerings such as voice solutions, broadband services, wireless services, infocomms technology solutions, and other managed services.

To edge out the competition and lead the marketspace, AJPBiz was keen to capitalise on digital transformation to deliver uninterrupted services to customers and help them optimise performance in the following ways:

  • Scaling and extending customer operations overseas
  • Assisting individual customer portfolio requirements, such as data security and operations
  • Delivering best-in-class expertise for customer requirements

Leveraging IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

However, providing continuous services like network optimisation, WiFi-as-a-Service, and integrated security solutions came with its own set of cloud infrastructure challenges. Our heavy workloads required a secure server that could scale on demand and meet changing business needs, which resulted in the company partnering with IBM in 2012 to leverage modern servers.

IBM servers provide the much-needed flexibility and performance for mission-critical workloads, and arms one with the right tools needed to innovate and accelerate.

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers deliver the power, capability, security, and price-performance required to drive today’s heavy enterprise workloads, while the fast and flexible IBM Cloud virtual server instances (VSIs) can be ordered and deployed in minutes.

By leveraging IBM Cloud, AJPBiz found a suitable solution to their issue of deploying services for customers overseas. We received ample IT support from IBM, which contributed to our success in meeting client requirements seamlessly.

This successful partnership empowered AJPBiz to provide high-grade quality services to our clientele, and positioned us to do the following:

  • Tap into IBM's global data center coverage to extend customer operations, including converting on-premise deployments to VSI and successfully providing voice services to customers so they can extend their operations to Europe, the United States, and Australia.
  • Leverage monitoring and security capabilities down to the microchip level, enabling AJPBiz to offer the highest possible degree of service to customers.
  • Custom-configure bare metal servers based on client specifications and scale accordingly.
  • Receive a high level of service support from IBM—including implementation and access to expertise—enabling the AJPBiz to scale operations and grow.

IBM and AJPBiz

This fruitful partnership with IBM has allowed AJPBiz to empower businesses, capitalise on opportunities, and successfully explore, enhance, and drive meaningful customer experiences.

We have been able to do all this while offering a wide range of services, without compromising on global network diversity and consistency, reliable and fast internet access to customers continuously, and a video and door access monitor system with SIP VoIP solution.

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