Accelerate the Time to Detect, Isolate, Fix, and Resolve Incidents

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As an IT operations engineer or a site reliability engineer (SRE), what is keeping you up at night?

Is it the changes that are included in the new release of an application? Is it not being alerted quickly when there is a problem? Is it not having the latest tools to help you troubleshoot problems?

To detect, isolate, fix, and resolve incidents, SREs need to use an application-centric approach. With an application-centric approach, you build a dashboard that brings data from both applications and infrastructure across complex IT environments. Having this data in a single dashboard allows SRE teams to resolve issues quickly, before they affect end users. But how are SREs alerted when there are issues?

Collaboration and communication through ChatOps

When an issue occurs, collaboration is key. Instead of using a traditional help ticket tool, IT operations engineers and SREs use instant messaging tools to communicate with each other and with the tools they use to do their jobs. ChatOps empowers high-performing, cross-functional, and global or remote teams to investigate alerts generated from IT data and collaborate with key subject matter experts to resolve them from a single platform.

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Join the “AI-powered IT incident resolution, fueled by your data” webcast on Monday, September 21, 2020, to see a live demo of Watson AIOps. In this demo, you’ll walk through a scenario of how an SRE or IT Operations engineer can use insights from Watson AIOps to accelerate time to detect, isolate, fix, and resolve an incident without sending emails, making phone calls, or switching across different interfaces.

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