Bring AI Workloads to Your Data to Improve Performance and Meet Data Residency Requirements

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Eliminate data movement and run machine learning (ML) models where your data resides.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have the power to deliver critical business insights, but for many businesses, the data that fuels AI is scattered across multiple public clouds and on-premises data centers. The cost of moving data between cloud providers isn’t sustainable and is difficult to seamlessly work across clouds. Sometimes, data needs to remain in-country for regulatory, contractual or security reasons, especially in highly-regulated industries.

Watch “Accelerate AI in your Organization with Distributed Cloud” to learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service with IBM Cloud Satellite are bringing AI technologies next to your data, eliminating the need to move data to get insights.

Hear about the tools data science teams can use to build machine learning models in the cloud and how to run these models in the same cloud region where data is stored. Listen to client examples to hear how a distributed cloud model can help deliver AI efficiencies, reduce latency and satisfy data residency requirements.

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Learn more about IBM Cloud Satellite and IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service.

Watch “Looking Forward: Recovering and Evolving Your Business with Data and AI as a Service” with IDC on Thursday, March 4, at 12:00pm ET to hear market and IBM perspectives on the evolution of managing data and AI services and why an as a Service approach can help you innovate and stay ahead of the competition. See what successful AI-powered recovery could look like in a post-pandemic world.

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