A Strategic Approach to Engaging Customers with Digital Technology

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MobileForce helps clients go digital with IBM Cloud.

MobileForce may be a relatively small company, but we think big. And in Indonesia, if you think big, you are big. We launched in 2013 and already serve leading companies across the globe.

As an integrated digital production agency, we are committed to helping our clients develop and execute their digital strategies. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Based on their needs, we provide services and technologies in the areas of digital platform development, UX/UI design, app development, social media, and analytics, among others.

As a young, successful company, we sometimes mentor startups that initially may not be able to afford our services. Some of those companies lack technology expertise, so we help them with that as well as with marketing. On occasion, we start out giving them free mobile apps or free websites. Then, after they’re acquired by an investor or receive funding, they become paying clients and we grow together.

Easy to provision, quick to scale

Indonesia offers many options in the way of cloud providers, but we prefer the best, so when we founded our company, we chose IBM Cloud for its reputation and the reliability of its offerings. With the combination of IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers and IBM Cloud Virtual Servers, we were able to get the flexibility, scalability, and ease of maintenance we needed.

The advantages speak for themselves. When we’re onboarding a new client or if there’s a surge in demand, our IBM Cloud solution can spin up bare metal servers very fast—within an hour. What’s more, it’s easy to provision and add services as needed. We don't have to recreate anything—it's almost as simple as flipping a switch. Our clients can focus on their areas of expertise and let us, their trusted partner, handle the underlying technology.

That’s why I always recommend IBM to our clients. In fact, more than 80 percent of our client partners host their digital environments on the IBM Cloud. Partnering with IBM goes a long way in securing our clients’ trust.

New revenue streams, future services

In addition to its performance and reliability advantages, IBM Cloud enables us to generate new revenue streams. When we first onboard a new client, for example, we often perform server testing, for which we charge a fee.

On occasion, clients who start out with IBM Cloud while we’re helping them develop apps or websites continue to rent server space from us even after the project completes. We can partition IBM bare metal servers for our clients so that they have access to IBM’s powerful cloud architecture, while relying on us for their maintenance needs, such as app or server updates.

Looking forward, we are exploring more of the IBM Cloud’s vast array of services, including those around Watson and artificial intelligence. Our relationship with IBM has been a major factor in our success. We look forward to continuing to build upon that foundation to help our clients engage their customers in years to come.

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