A New Way to Sparkle

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GIA and IBM team up to revolutionize the diamond industry.

Case study: “A new way to sparkle

By teaming up with IBM, GIA plans to analyze 70%-80% of all diamonds using an AI-based solution.

"We’ve brought a lot of different instruments into this industry over the years, and we solved the problems of cut, carat weight and color a long time ago. Clarity was the last frontier, and AI was the key to conquering it.” — Pritesh Patel, Chief Operating Officer, GIA

With that in mind, Patel approached IBM Research® with a vision — with the right skills and technology, Patel believed it was possible to harness the power of AI on the cloud to grade the clarity of diamonds.

IBM Research agreed, and the two organizations began developing a strategic partnership: GIA provides the specialized imagery along with data from tens of millions of diamonds examined by its diamond experts; IBM provides the AI capabilities and the computing power. The result of that partnership is GIA’s cloud-based AI approach to diamond grading.

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