A Hybrid Cloud Strategy with IBM Db2 and IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC

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How these two services offer the critical features necessary to enable businesses to develop successful hybrid cloud strategies.

A hybrid approach integrates the best features and functions from any cloud, on-premises or edge environment, unlocking 2.5x more value than a public-cloud-only approach.

This value originates from hybrid cloud’s orchestration, consistency of management and application portability across environments, creating flexible and dynamic capabilities for computing workloads.

The need for performance, resilience, scalability and security is a top consideration when moving to cloud, particularly a hybrid cloud model. Together, IBM Db2 and IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC round out the necessary features that enable businesses to make the most of their hybrid cloud strategies.


IBM Db2 is an enterprise-grade family of data management products. It features AI-powered functionalities that assist in modernizing the management of data.

Db2 offers solutions for transactional, analytical and real-time workloads, fueling advanced analytics and enabling real-time operational efficiencies, all while reducing infrastructure costs. With Db2, data can be easily managed on-premises and across cloud environments, supporting a hybrid cloud model. 

The different Db2 products may be appropriate for different business applications, and different business applications may reside in different computing environments. The power of Db2’s data management function is to create analytics based on different data sets located across hybrid environments, thereby enabling businesses to store and gain insight into their data to automate appropriate business operations and optimize future ones.

IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC

IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC provide a seamless and secure environment for Db2 products to run on, no matter where the analytics or storage takes place.

LinuxONE Virtual Servers extend Db2’s hybrid cloud value proposition by integrating the LinuxONE platform with the functionality of IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC. LinuxONE Virtual Servers offer environments for cost-effective development and testing, configurable high availability and modernization in place efforts.

Since moving to hybrid cloud necessitates excellent performance, resilience, scalability and security, it is important to note LinuxONE Virtual Servers address these considerations. These virtual servers run on the IBM LinuxONE and IBM Z platforms, which have the ability to transform application and data portfolios with innovative data privacy, security and cyber resiliency capabilities — all delivered through a hybrid cloud model. Significantly, IBM Z and LinuxONE machines are built to optimize AI analytics, meaning that in addition to running securely and privately, Db2 products will run efficiently on IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC.

Db2 + LinuxONE Virtual Servers

Together, IBM Db2 and IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers enable businesses to do the following:

  • Optimize their transactional and analytical workloads
  • Gain insight into real-time business
  • Provide backup/high availability

Db2 and IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC are important features that enable secure, fast and flexible business models. Through the combination of these IBM services within an overarching hybrid cloud strategy, businesses can actualize their transformation and modernization goals, all while driving revenue growth and building trust with their partners and customers.

Try LinuxONE Virtual Servers today

IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers are available today in the following Multi-Zone Regions (MZRs): Dallas, Washington D.C., Frankfurt, Sydney and Tokyo. 

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