1DOC3’s cognitive platform transforms healthcare in Latin America

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In 2014, CEO of 1DOC3 Javier Cardona charted a new course for healthcare in Latin America

The previously estimated two doctors per thousand inhabitants made it virtually impossible to provide proficient healthcare to the people of Latin America.

The surprising gap in online content sparked an innovative business idea. “There was a real lack of quality health-related content in Spanish,” Cardona says. “We saw this opportunity and decided to create our platform.”

Cardona and his team created a free online resource allowing Spanish-speaking Web users to submit health questions and receive professional medical advice. The organization had to engage a network of approximately 400 doctors throughout Columbia to field user queries, and as the platform grew, the process became increasingly costly and time-consuming.


By integrating the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier service on IBM Bluemix into its offering, 1DOC3 transformed its portal into a cognitive platform that categorizes user queries in real time, delivering targeted content for repeat questions and routing new requests to medical specialists in the appropriate fields.

1DOC3’s solution caught the eye of technology giant Mark Zuckerberg, who invited the company to join Facebook’s internet.org initiative for bringing affordable Internet services to less developed countries.

Teaming with mobile providers, the project grants free access to selected websites and online services, allowing low-income communities throughout Latin America to take advantage of the 1DOC3 platform, even if users lack smartphones.

“We are now live in 9 countries including Nicaragua, Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, and Bolivia” says Cardona. “We’re reaching the type of user who, in many cases, has never seen a doctor before. Now that user can submit a medical question and get an answer in real time.”

Not only is Cardona’s health related journey platform transforming how the people of Latin America receive medical advice, the anonymously collected health data is helping insurance and healthcare companies create more effectively targeted prevention and resource campaigns.

“We work with a government institution in Columbia that addresses the issue of adolescent pregnancy,” says Cardona. “We have a lot of teenagers using our platform and because it’s anonymous, they feel free to ask anything. We can take this anonymous information and provide it as insight to help shape public policy.”

Cardona is excited to announce that this July, 2017, 1DOC3 has reached a number of 1.5 million monthly active users and continues to increase by 15% each month.


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