Why choose IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric


higher developer productivity¹


lower three-year cost of operations¹


faster to resolve unplanned downtime¹

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Depend on IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric

“Peace of mind” is what support is all about. Malware and ransomware threats are on the rise, so you can’t just take open-source code, install it, and forget about it.  Code must be continually monitored and updated. 

As you create new and advanced enterprise blockchain solutions, Hyperledger Fabric open-source code² can be your tool of choice and you’ll want the best support. That’s where IBM comes in: We are a founder and premier member of the Hyperledger open-source community, we use Hyperledger Fabric in our own solutions, and we work with the community on your behalf to incorporate changes or fixes. No one else has IBM’s expertise. 

Benefits of IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric

24x7 break-fix support

We’re here to help keep your production environments up and running with 24x7 Hyperledger Fabric support for Severity 1 issues.

Reduce security threats

Regular vulnerability scans help prevent malware and ransomware attacks. Take a preventative, proactive approach to security and compliance issues.

Deep expertise

We’re your best support choice, knowing this open-source code base better than anyone. Much of the Hyperledger code was originally donated by IBM and IBM is a Hyperledger Certified Service Provider.

Pricing and details of IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric

IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric

USD 180  

monthly per allocated virtual processor core (VPC)

Minimum 12-month commitment with monthly billing


Certified images 

Images are security scanned and tested by IBM experts to discover the latest threats and address new vulnerabilities — helping ensure reliability and maximum uptime.


Simple deployment 

Images are deployed via Kubernetes Operator, which is included at no extra cost, to save you time and headaches as you validate your entitlement and ensure you images are properly set up.


Simple network operations management 

Fabric Operations Console is included at no extra cost, and helps your users avoid many deployment and operations problems.

Please note: Fabric Operations Console and IBM Blockchain Kubernetes Operator are required for support without IBM Blockchain Platform, and are included as part of IBM Support for Hyperledger Fabric at no extra cost. 

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1. IDC study: “The Business Value of IBM Open Source Support”
2. Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise blockchain open-source project of the Linux Foundation.