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IBM Cloud has two block storage solutions. Which one is right for you?

There’s IBM Cloud Block Storage, and now IBM Cloud Block Storage for VPC — available only on our new, software-defined network: IBM Cloud VPC. IBM Cloud Block Storage for VPC delivers feature-rich, high-performance SAN options for virtual servers and containers inside the logically isolated IBM Cloud VPC network. Building outside IBM Cloud VPC? Use IBM Cloud Block Storage, available on all classic IBM Cloud compute and container options, including IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers. Both block storage solutions provide customizable IOPS, predictable billing, snapshots and more.

Explore the two solutions.

Documentation for IBM Cloud Block Storage for VPC   →

Documentation for classic IBM Cloud Block Storage   →

Blackboard illustration showing difference between block storage and file storage

Block Storage vs. File Storage (04:03)

Use cases

Dynamic data allocation

Illustration of a cloud and precipitation falling from it into a square

Dynamic data allocation

Easily detach your block storage volumes, then quickly reattach onto another server based on shifting workload requirements. Get encryption at rest, with one click.

Disaster recovery

Illustration of a padlocked cloud connected to a series of files

Disaster recovery

Fail-over to an exact replica in a secondary, duplicate volume location with snapshots.

Fast container storage

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Fast container storage

Get fast access to geographically distributed data using IBM Cloud Kubernetes’ persistent volumes and IBM Cloud Block Storage solutions.


Why IBM Cloud for block storage?

Pricing and provisioning

Configure, price and provision with the right block storage solution

IBM Cloud Block Storage for VPC

Hourly and monthly block storage on your virtual server or containerized apps within the IBM Cloud VPC network.

IBM Cloud Block Storage (classic)

Hourly and monthly block storage on your bare metal servers or containerized apps within the classic IBM Cloud network.

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Get started with block storage on IBM Cloud

Start ordering and building your block storage solutions on top of your existing compute infrastructure inside the IBM Cloud console.