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Bandwidth refers to the public data transfer of inbound and outbound network traffic, both to and from IBM Cloud data centers around the globe. Higher bandwidth options, when combined with 10 Gbps port-speed connectivity, enable greater throughput for transaction-intensive workloads, eliminate bottlenecks, and help meet the needs of your business.

Bandwidth details

Global private network

In the IBM global private network, inbound and outbound bandwidth are unlimited and not charged.

Inbound data transfer

Inbound bandwidth is unlimited and not charged.

Outbound data transfer

Public outbound bandwidth is charged on a tiered basis, with a set allotment for each month.

Pricing plans by region

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*Unmetered prices are for Virtual Server Infrastructure (VSI) and Bare Metal servers with 100 Mbps port speed only.

If the amount of bandwidth consumed during a given month exceeds your allotment or allocated monthly package, then a standard data transfer charge of USD 0.09 per GB will apply.

Some network offerings may use different bandwidth allotments than stated above. The pricing excludes bandwidth charges covered by the IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Direct Link offerings. The public bandwidth consumed by the IBM Cloud Load Balancer service is billed per the standard data transfer charge listed above.

20 TB bandwidth included in the United States, Canada and Europe data centers; 5 TB bandwidth included in all other data centers. New prices and offers may not be combined with any other current or future discounts.