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Why automate data capture?

Today’s mobile, social and cloud transformation is leading to exponential growth in business content. This places greater demands on organizations to efficiently capture, understand and use unstructured data to gain competitive advantage. Customers expect rapid responses even when their business transactions involve the exchange of documents. Data capture and imaging solutions from IBM help companies move at the speed of business.

Quickly and effectively capture content through multiple channels wherever and whenever it originates. When transactions need data that’s located within content, you can automatically classify, find and extract data — even when it’s handwritten. Enrich the data and derive understanding using IBM’s cognitive technologies. With near real-time digitization, you can improve productivity and accelerate business processes to achieve faster responses to customers.

Icon representing the reduction of manual data entry errors that automating data capture and imaging can provide


Reduce errors associated with manual data entry by automating data capture and validating data at the point of contact, while accelerating content integration into a case file or business process.

Icon representing the improved employee productivity that automating data capture and imaging can yield

Speed and efficiency

Make documents and their data available to business applications and users more quickly with time-saving and labor-saving automated processing that improves employee productivity.

Icon representing the exceptional customer experiences that automating data capture and imaging can help create

Customer centricity

Create exceptional customer experiences by capturing content from any source — a mobile photo, a fax, scanned documents and digitally created content. Respond quickly even when the information is located within a document.

IBM Datacap

Automate the capture, recognition and classification of business documents to quickly and accurately extract important information from those documents to accelerate business processes.

IBM Datacap supports the next generation of data capture — the cognitive era. The solution enables you to identify, classify and extract content from unstructured or highly variable documents without manual intervention. It uses natural language processing, text analytics and machine-learning technologies. By applying cognitive capture to complex tasks, the solution can significantly accelerate processes, reduce labor costs, deliver meaningful information and improve the responsiveness of customer service.

Demo the data capture solution

Improve customer interactions by using the cognitive capabilities of IBM Datacap and IBM Case Manager to see patterns in customer behaviors, extract key information from documents and images and gain intelligent control over your content.

Additional data capture offerings

IBM Datacap on Cloud

Gain the power of the data capture and imaging capabilities of IBM Datacap — as a service.

IBM Datacap Mobile

Get enhanced IBM Datacap image-capture capabilities through a streamlined, mobile user interface for Android or iOS devices.

IBM Datacap Insight Edition Add-on

Enhance IBM Datacap with cognitive capture technology to automate the processing of complex, highly unstructured documents.

Why IBM?

Icon representing the best-in-class capture capabilities of IBM Datacap

Best-in-class capture

Take advantage of multi-channel capture that supports scanners, fax and digital files, such as PDF files and images that come from applications and mobile devices.

Icon representing the cognitive capture capabilities of IBM Datacap

Cognitive capture

Automate the processing of complex, unknown-format or highly variable documents that are difficult to automate with a traditional capture system.

Icon representing the mobile capture capabilities of IBM Datacap

Mobile capture

Increase accuracy with capture and validation at the point of contact, while accelerating content integration into a case file or business process.

Extend the value of data capture

The true power of automation is in connecting data capture with task automation and your critical business processes and workflows — within your organization. A comprehensive, integrated platform for achieving your digital business automation objectives, IBM’s digital business automation platform can help your organization unlock its fullest potential.

Image representing the how automating tasks can help integrate unstructured data into your business applications

Integrate unstructured data into business applications
(Capture + Tasks)

Transform the operational or transactional unstructured information that comes into your organization into structured data to be transferred to RPA bots that automatically process that data in a variety of applications and systems.

Image representing how automating workflows can help improve customer experiences

Improve customer experiences
(Capture + Workflow)

Automate the capture, storage and management of customer information to help dramatically improve the customer experience and help you scale your business.

Client stories


Turkcell uses IBM Datacap to help increase customer retention and become a more customer-centric organization.

PowerSouth Energy Cooperative

PowerSouth Energy Cooperative connects business operations to the content they need to keep operations running smoothly.

Learn more about data capture

HSBC digitizes global trade with IBM cognitive solution

Financial services holding company, HSBC, uses IBM’s cognitive capture capabilities to boost accuracy, while freeing up staff for more value-added activities.

Demo: IBM Datacap Mobile

Discover by way of an on-boarding situation in which a customer wants to open a new account the capabilities of IBM Datacap Mobile to capture important documents through a smartphone or tablet.

Harness content to deliver a superior customer experience

Cognitive and cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) solutions help organizations protect their content, while gaining a competitive advantage from it and improving business performance and ROI.

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IBM offers a scalable platform for rapidly prototyping solutions that automate and augment critical business processes, decisions and content. IBM’s ecosystem and industry expertise can help you start quickly and scale to enterprise-wide deployment, without the fragmentation of product and skills common to other solution providers.

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