What is Auto Scaling

Use Auto Scaling to automatically grow or shrink your cloud environment and never lift a finger again to deploy additional virtual servers or cancel unneeded ones.

Auto Scaling benefits

Stay focused

Stop worrying about scaling your environment up and down. Automate that process and allow your techs to focus on other business priorities.

Save money

Pay for the resources you need, only when you need them. Meet your workload demands without keeping (and paying for) underutilized capacity.

Be consistent

Deliver an optimal user experience at all times regardless of the volume of traffic or amount of resources used.

Launch promos with confidence

When you run limited-time product specials that bring in a flood of users, you can auto scale your resources to keep up with increased resource demands.

Manage variable usage

When CPU load and bandwidth volume vary significantly for your web application, you need the resources to meet the peak levels of usage, but you don’t want to pay for those resources unless you’re usi

Scale with spikes

Some sites have consistent resource usage during the weekdays, but website traffic spikes over the weekend. Add two servers on Friday night to meet demand and spin them down on Monday morning to save

Get started on Auto Scaling in minutes

Get started with Auto Scaling by creating schedule- or usage-based rules for your environment in the customer portal.