IBM Aspera license key

The IBM Aspera® product that you have just purchased uses a license key to manage the capability within the product, including but not limited to the amount of bandwidth used in the transfer, number of nodes and mobile enabling the server. The product can be installed without the license key, but the license key will be required to use the product. You will receive an email containing the product license key. Use the product installation guide for instructions on how to apply the license key.

The IBM Aspera product documentation is available at:

The advantage the license key provides is that it enables you to enhance your installed product with additional capacity, without requiring you to uninstall and reinstall a new version of the product. All that is required is the simple application of a new license key, which is provided with your new purchase.

For IBM Aspera products, the License Key-to-Product ratio might not be 1:1; some products require multiple keys, while others share a single key.

If you have not received an email with the license key within 48 hours of receiving Proof of Entitlement, please send email to and request your license key.