Move existing workloads

With Apprenda and IBM Cloud, your Microsoft .NET applications are automatically cloud-enabled, without an API, refactoring or re-architecting. Apprenda adds cloud characteristics and tooling to apps — elasticity, high availability, authentication, monitoring, multitenancy and more.

Run cloud-native workloads

Write your new .NET application in an enterprise-strong, cognitive environment. Whether you’re using Microsoft .NET Framework, .NET Core, Windows containers or other Microsoft solutions, you can run workloads on IBM Cloud.

Develop your way on IBM Cloud

Tap into the entire IBM Cloud service catalog, including IBM Watson, blockchain, data and industry services, without leaving your IDE, including Microsoft Visual Studio. Create, deploy and manage .NET applications on IBM Cloud through an integrated Visual Studio plug-in.

Move your apps to one platform with IBM Cloud and Apprenda

IBM and Apprenda make it easier to develop on the cloud because your .NET applications are cloud ready. Apprenda adds modern cloud capabilities to help you get to market faster.

Using Apprenda on the IBM Cloud can give you a competitive advantage

Find out why it makes sense to move .NET apps to IBM Cloud. Watch the IBM Cloud + Apprenda video.

Get started

See what it’s like to run .NET apps in the IBM Cloud with Apprenda.

Clients are talking

IBM was looking for an avenue to bring .NET and Windows capabilities to its customers. We saw this mutual interest in solving a joint problem.

—Sinclair Schuller, Chief Executive Officer, Apprenda

Ignite your cloud transformation

Collaboration between Apprenda and IBM results in an innovative solution for businesses seeking more rapid, cost-effective cloud transformation.

Discover how IBM Cloud can help your enterprise grow