Modernization isn’t easy, but with IBM it can be

When faced with upgrading your application estate, you run into a lot of questions. Which technologies do you adopt? How can you reduce technical debt? What apps do you build new in the cloud? How can you be sure you’ll keep pace with industry changes? And how do you do it all fast? Working with IBM means you have an experienced partner to guide you.

Using DevOps tools, accelerators and AI-driven automation for more seamless application management, IBM works with you through your application transformation—from the modernization of existing infrastructure and applications to the development and deployment of applications that run on any cloud platform.

Together, we’ll start small, develop an ROI-based strategy aligned to your goals and harness quick wins. Then we’ll show you how to begin to change your culture, scale across your business and make your journey to the cloud a success.


Our cloud is different than the rest. We offer software, services and consulting—and it’s all cloud-agnostic. Choose what works for you.

Modernize on your own

Gain a secure path to the cloud by buying only what you need from our IBM Cloud Pak containerized software solutions.

Modernize with some help

Work alongside our experts to assess your portfolio, implement quick, agile change and then set your course for transformation.

Modernize by letting us do it for you

Focus on innovation and keep existing resources in place by letting our experts manage your ongoing modernization needs.


Everything you need for a next-generation application estate

IBM has helped clients optimize applications and migrate to the cloud fast, with measurable impact. Clients generated 10 times more innovation ideas, slashed time to market by 67% and released six times more projects into production, according to a recent Forrester TEI study. Other modernization gains include reduced compliance risk and migration cost, and improved deployment speed. Our expertise also goes beyond modernization, helping you align your IT with business requirements, reduce your operating costs to free up innovation capital and enhance your overall application security.

Match your technology with your operating model

Enterprise Cloud Strategy (GBS)

Keep modernization complexity in check

Managed cloud services from IBM

Learn how to work more like a startup

IBM Garage

Accelerate an ROI-friendly transformation

Application Development Services

Upgrade your entire application portfolio

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications


Everything you need for proactive application management

As you consider modernizing how you manage applications, you need to balance app maintenance costs with innovation costs. IBM software and services can help you with efficient management solutions that incorporate the power of AI. Our AI-driven tools help audit, plan and troubleshoot your app estate.

Get high availability and resiliency; handle incidents easily

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Employ a centralized control panel across clouds and servers

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Have us manage your hybrid environment for you

Managed cloud services from IBM


Everything you need to develop innovative cloud-native applications

Adopt modern dev tools, methods and environments to create applications that run anywhere—on premises or on any cloud—with powerful speed and security. You’ll be able to build containerized applications, optimized for scale and performance, that take advantage of continuous delivery and DevSecOps principles to reduce time to market.

Get everyone on the same page

IBM Garage

Make apps using modern approaches

Application Development Services

Revamp middleware and build new apps

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Connect apps and data wherever they live

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Get started

Build, modernize or manage—where are you and how can we help?

IBM Cloud Satellite

A consistent, on-demand, fully managed set of core application services that run across your on-prem, edge and public cloud environments.

Achieve financial goals

IBM flexible payment plans can help align your payments with project implementation, providing an opportunity to enhance ROI.