Modernize for a competitive advantage

Existing investments

Make the most of the investments you already have – without rewriting your entire estate. When you modernize your existing applications, you can ease your move to the cloud. You can help free your development teams to deliver on the full promise of cloud technology.

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Cloud-native applications

Capitalize on the scalability and flexibility inherent to cloud. Modernizing your cloud-native applications enables cloud-native applications to run concurrently and seamlessly connect with your existing investments. Barriers that prohibit productivity and integration are removed to create new user experiences and develop new applications.

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Containers and orchestration

Place your applications in extremely portable, self-contained environments, and something remarkable happens: your entire IT estate becomes more visible, more flexible and easier to manage. Simplify cloud migration and reduce operational development costs with containerization.

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Learn the smart way to modernize apps

The IBM Application Modernization Field Guide explains how to transform apps to help decease time to market and simplify deployments.

The industry’s most complete modernization solutions

Modernize critical applications

IBM Cloud Application Platform provides the tools you need to refactor existing environments to next-generation platforms across multiple environments and clouds. It provides flexibility to deploy existing applications using microservices, integrated DevOps, containers and Kubernetes.

Adopt an agile integration approach

IBM agile integration architecture was designed to help you unlock the power of your data, no matter where it resides or how it moves. Keep pace with the number of integrations required for application modernization. Connect data and applications across multiple clouds with the industry’s most complete hybrid-integration platform.

Manage multiple environments

You’re challenged to run your business within more-complex, hybrid and multicloud environments. IBM Multicloud Manager gives you the ability to manage multiple data centers or clouds — public or private — as if in a single environment. Get greater visibility, security and automation for seamless multicloud management, all from one dashboard.

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