What is App ID?

With App ID, you can store user profile information in order to tailor customer experiences. Manage authentication using social identity providers, so that your customers can log-in with their existing Facebook and Google accounts.

App ID features

App protection

Protect Node.js cloud apps and services with a server side SDK that shields against unauthorized access.

Access Dashboard

Download onboarding samples, see activity logs, configure various authentication types and identity providers.

User Profiles

Store authenticated and anonymous user data that can be accessed for multiple types of apps.

App ID benefits

Authenticate customers easily

Integrate authentication and authorization capabilities into your app without manually creating complex security functions.

Tailor customer experiences

Design custom experiences for customers based on a variety of factors including, past behaviors and app preferences.

Secure customer data

Store and access user data with built in open security standards, leveraging both OAUTH2 and OIDC.

How customers use it

Mobile Application that Responds to Customer Sentiment

Use Cloud Functions along with Cognitive and Data services to build a serverless backend for a mobile application. The application shown in this tutorial is a feedback app that analyses the tone of the feedback text and appropriately acknowledges the customer through a push notification.

Go to Tutorial

Mobile application with a serverless backend

Get started on App ID in minutes

Getting started with App ID is easy. Visit the IBM Bluemix services catalog for step by step instructions.