What is App ID?

App ID helps developers to easily add authentication to their web and mobile apps with few lines of code, and secure their Cloud-native applications and services on IBM Cloud. App ID also helps manage user specific data that developers can use to build personalized app experiences.

App ID features


Add email/password login, social login, or enterprise login to your apps with APIs, SDKs, pre-built UIs, or your own branded UIs.

User repository

Enable app users to sign-up and sign-in with email and password, verify their email, reset/change passwords etc.

User profiles

Store user preferences and data, which you can leverage to build personalized app experiences.

App ID benefits

Secure apps

Secure your apps, back-ends, and APIs. Easily add standards based authentication– no security knowledge needed.

Manage users at scale

Scale to many users, who can sign up for your app and self-service their accounts.

Tailor experiences

Tailor your apps for individual users with an easy way to collect and access user preferences and user data.

How customers use it

Mobile application that responds to customer sentiment

Use Cloud Functions along with cognitive and data services to build a serverless backend for a mobile application. The application shown in this tutorial is a feedback app that analyses the tone of the feedback text and appropriately acknowledges the customer through a push notification.

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Diagram illustrating a mobile application with a serverless backend

Get started with App ID in minutes

Getting started with App ID is easy. Visit the IBM Cloud catalog for step by step instructions.