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What is IBM App Connect?

Application, system and process integration are indispensable elements of digital transformation, but 84% of digital transformation projects fail due to siloed data and unreliable integration approaches. Customer journeys to cloud and AI demand new and innovative approaches to integration.

IBM App Connect allows customers to instantly connect applications and data, from existing systems and modern technologies across all their environments. The solution also offers enterprise service bus (ESB) and agile integration architecture (AIA) microservices deployment of integration artifacts, allowing customers to deploy to a multitude of flexible integration patterns.

App Connect is also available with other capabilities in IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration, which can help you achieve your application modernization goals as part of your journey to the cloud.

Do more with your apps and data — and do it fast. Integrate it, build APIs with it and act on it.

Integrate apps and data

See how to integrate apps and data

Automatically copy and synchronize data between on-premises and cloud-based applications, without worrying about mismatched sources, formats and standards. For example, your business may need to sync customer data between an SaaS CRM system and an on-premises database.

Reliably access, transform and combine data assets across all your enterprise applications, databases and systems and expose them as APIs. For example, your business may need to provide an API to a business partner that collects product detail information and current inventory to allow the partner to confidently complete an order.

Act on events

See how to act on events

Quickly recognize when events occur in source applications across your ecosystem to immediately trigger the right business actions. For example, you may need to monitor for a particular change to the status of a customer case to trigger a business unit to engage in the next level of service to the customer.

Next-level integration

App Connect is just one part of a modern approach to integration. It’s now in an IBM Cloud Pak solution with everything else you need to round out your capabilities.

Make work easier with templates. Templates are prebuilt flows for common patterns that you can use to get value immediately.

Accelerate your work with prebuilt connectors

Build integration flows in minutes starting with the IBM catalog of connectors.

Effortlessly integrate apps, APIs and data across hybrid environments

Work across infrastructures

The intelligent configuration-based tooling of App Connect helps you build business logic without worrying about infrastructure. Create integration flows quickly without deep knowledge of application platforms and domains.

Solve challenging integrations

App Connect supports a wide range of integration styles across batch and real-time patterns. Easily mix and match capabilities to solve both simple business issues and extremely challenging integrations, such as complex ERPs.

Deploy solutions anywhere

App Connect can be used as a managed service (iPaaS) or deployed in any cloud or on-premises environment. Deploying close to applications and data stores lets you increase integration performance and latency times, and save costs through efficiency.


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