Frequently asked questions

What is a flow?

There are two types of flow in IBM® App Connect: an event-driven flow and a flow for an API. In an event-driven flow, you identify an event that can occur in your first application and actions that can be performed in one or more target applications. A flow for an API contains a request, one or more target application actions and a response.

How do I configure IBM App Connect to connect to my applications?

Before you create a flow: Select an application from the Applications page, click Connect to app_name, and then enter the account details for the application.

While you are creating a flow: Select an application that you want to connect, click Connect to app_name, and then enter the account details for the application.

How do I create an event-driven flow?

  1.  On the Dashboard in IBM App Connect Designer, click New > Event-driven flow
  2.  Enter a name that identifies the purpose of your flow
  3.  Select the source application, and the event to trigger the flow
  4.  Select and configure one or more target applications, and the actions to be performed
  5.  Click Exit and switch on to save and start your flow

How do I create a flow for an API?

  1. Create one or more models that define the structure of the objects that you want to create or retrieve
  2. Choose the Create, Retrieve or Update operations to perform against each model
  3. Configure a flow that implements each operation, adding one or more target applications that hold the data

How do I upgrade my subscription from a no-cost plan to a charged plan?

You can get started with IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud® at no charge, and when ready can upgrade to a choice of pay-as-you-go plans or custom subscription options. IBM App Connect Professional and IBM App Connect Enterprise are also available as fully configurable software that can be deployed on premises, on your own private cloud or on a public cloud.

Plan capabilities and how to upgrade

How does App Connect Enterprise relate to IBM Integration Bus?

IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 is the official successor to IBM Integration Bus V10. On IBM Cloud, the Enterprise plan enables a friction-free experience between the integration users across an enterprise and the progressive disclosure of advanced integration features, neatly packaged to make it simple and efficient to acquire and manage.

Will I have to pay extra to use IBM App Connect Enterprise with IBM Integration Bus on Cloud?

Customers who have subscribed to IBM Integration Bus on Cloud will have access to IBM App Connect Enterprise on the IBM Cloud. There will be no additional cost to migrate.

Can I use my previous IBM integration assets in IBM App Connect Enterprise?

Integration assets previously built for IBM Integration Bus on Cloud or IBM App Connect will continue to run without modification in this new plan.

Is IBM App Connect available for on-premises deployment?

Yes. IBM App Connect offers several flexible deployment options, including a managed cloud service hosted by IBM, private cloud, public cloud, on premises, or a combination of these deployment models based on your needs.

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