App Connect Enterprise features

A trusted platform

App Connect Enterprise is the follow-on product to IBM Integration Bus (IIB), the market-leading integration platform, trusted globally by large enterprises to meet their integration requirements. App Connect Enterprise unifies and extends the capabilities of IIB with App Connect Professional to deliver a next-generation integration solution that meets the diverse needs of the digital enterprise.

Integration to drive digital transformation

As a digital business, you need an integration solution that connects the broad range of systems and data you care about, on premise and in the cloud. App Connect Enterprise provides a robust and reliable platform for connecting any application, from mainframe to SaaS, enabling you to embrace the latest technologies while leveraging your investment in existing systems.

Unlock business assets as APIs

Whether you’re building cloud-scale applications or driving new opportunities in the API economy, the ability to create and consume data as APIs is central to success. With App Connect Enterprise, users can expose integration flows as RESTful APIs while pre-configured REST nodes ensure you can interact either synchronously or asynchronously with external REST APIs.

Deliver in the moment

For the business to react quickly to changing market demands, you need to deliver the right data to the right place at the right time. App Connect Enterprise supports a broad range of hybrid-integration patterns from SOA to Events, enabling you to select the right style for each requirement, rather than being tied to a single competency.

Broad deployment options

The decision of where to deploy applications is often influenced by a variety of factors, including cost and risk. App Connect Enterprise supports a broad range of deployment options, from fully-managed or dedicated instances on the IBM Cloud to self-managed software installation, ensuring you can deploy where it makes the most sense to the business.

Lightweight Integration

Your integration solution should support your drive to increase operational agility and enable faster innovation. App Connect Enterprise offers a cloud-native lightweight runtime that supports the build-out of modern integration architectures using dev-ops, microservices and containers, while continuing to support the centralised ESB pattern. For more information, read the RedPaper