Connect an array of new and existing applications to do more

Prebuilt, security-rich intelligent connectors let you connect applications on premises or in the cloud. IBM App Connect supports a wide range of data formats, application infrastructures and integration styles to provide a seamless experience in a single integration tool. Whether it’s a simple SaaS system, an API, a message queue, a mainframe system or an ERP, App Connect can help.

Merge what you’re already doing with exciting new possibilities by using App Connect’s smart connectors and technology connectors.

Smart connectors link popular cloud and on-premises endpoints

Connect data across legacy systems, existing infrastructure and new capabilities, boosting collaboration and unlocking new opportunities.

App Connect connectors include Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Oracle Netsuite, Watson and SAP

We speak your language no matter what it is

App Connect works across a multitude of programming languages. Here are just a few technologies it easily operates between.

Technology connectors include FTP, JMS, Soap, Rest API, HTTP, Apache Kafka

Explore dozens of possible connections with our complete list of connectors

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