Bringing AI and customer service together

Watson Assistant is AI for customer service

Build a full-service artificial intelligence chatbot that integrates to your CRM systems. Watson Assistant seamlessly automates tasks, shaving priceless minutes off each customer support interaction. Pair with AI search functionality to guide agents to the information needed to resolve customer queries, improving the customer and human agent experience. Couple conversational AI with speech-to-text capabilities, driven by machine learning, to improve first contact resolution for voice interactions. Best of all: allow your human agents to focus on higher value work, all while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

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What conversational AI can do for your CRM

Proven use cases

Customer self-service

Reduce costs and improve customer retention. Streamline how you empower customers to resolve inquiries across channels — including web, messaging and voice.

Agent assist

Empower agents to respond to customer questions faster and with greater confidence. Use AI search to pull from internal knowledge base and automate workflows via web and mobile chat.

Contact center insights

Identify opportunities that might otherwise be missed with a text analytics platform. Help contact center supervisors gain actionable insights from calls, emails, chats and social media so they can properly align, resource, and prioritize your customer experience strategy.

Featured products

IBM Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is the industry-leading conversational AI platform that your customers, human agents and employees actually want to use. With Watson Assistant, you can reduce costs and customer churn, while improving the human agent and customer experience — and achieve a 310% ROI over three years. And since it can be deployed in any cloud or on-premises environment, smarter AI for customer service is finally available wherever you need it.

IBM Watson Discovery

Watson Discovery is AI technology that speaks the language of your business. With market-leading AI search, like Watson Discovery, business can detect emerging trends, perform predictive analytics and gain operational insights. Use text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) to break open data silos and retrieve specific answers to your questions, while also data mining to analyze and identify relationships buried in enterprise data.

IBM Watson Speech to Text

Watson Speech to Text uses AI technology to understand the customer voice and turn it into usable, searchable text in real time. Watson Speech to Text can enable your customers to converse seamlessly with your voice agent, transcribe call recordings for use in spotting trends or training issues, and speed live agent call resolution by supplying agents with relevant information as customers say it. Simply integrate Watson Speech to Text with Watson Assistant or Watson Discover to achieve stronger results.

IBM Watson Text to Speech

IBM Watson Text to Speech gives your brand a voice, enabling you to improve customer experience and engagement by interacting with users in their own languages using any written text. Increase accessibility for users with different abilities, provide audio options to avoid distracted driving, or automate customer service interactions to increase efficiencies.

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