What is IBM AI OpenScale?

Available now via IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Private, AI OpenScale is the open platform for businesses to operationalize trusted AI and extend their deployments enterprise-wide. AI OpenScale provides insights into AI health, recommends next steps to improve outcomes, and orchestrates tasks to remediate issues around performance, accuracy, and fairness.



Gain insights into models developed and deployed with common AI tools and frameworks across public, private, or on-prem environments, and deploy wherever your data and applications reside.

Trust, transparency and explainability

Explain how AI recommendations are being made and automatically detect and mitigate bias to produce fair, trusted outcomes.

Automation of AI

Automate the AI application lifecycle, from AI-generated neural networks tailored to your data and workloads, to de-biasing technology that mitigates bias at runtime.

Use cases

Guarantee fairness and explainability in claims processing

Insurance underwriters can use machine learning to make more consistent and accurate risk assessments around claims, ensure fair outcomes for customers, and explain AI recommendations for regulatory and business intelligence purposes.

Graphic for guarantee fairness and explainability in claims processing

Predict telecommunications asset failure 

Data scientists can build machine learning models and work with their IT operations teams to confidently recommend proactive asset maintenance for telecommunications providers.

Graphic for predict telecommunications asset failure

NeuNetS: Train a neural network without code

Neural Network Synthesis (NeuNetS) allows businesses to rapidly and automatically build neural networks from scratch. NeuNetS is now available in AI OpenScale in beta.

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Neural Network Synthesis Beta

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