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There are 100 million lines of code in a new car, 5 million lines of code in the average smart appliance, 1.2 million lines of code in a smartphone and 80,000 lines of code in a pacemaker. The world is literally being reinvented in code.

Cloud is the platform of choice the new digital builders are using to reimagine everything, and cognitive systems are driving a deeper understanding of the flood of data moving in and out. Middleware provides an enabling layer and the enterprise integration needed to connect systems of engagement like mobile with existing systems of record to yield systems of insight.

To compete in the API economy and leverage partner ecosystems in the cognitive era, you need middleware.

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What does a lizard do all day?

Curiosity led an enterprising herpetologist to combine IBM WebSphere® Application Server Liberty and Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer, to control his pet lizard’s habitat.

Apps for the next-level gamer

GameStop Technology Institute integrates its IT technologies and uses IBM Cloud to rapidly test and deploy innovative new apps, delivering a holistic retail experience.

Apps, meet your match

WebSphere Application Server Liberty serves up Grand Slam tennis data to devoted fans—and supports other major global events with extreme scalability and an easy fit into a cloud model.

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