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Develop cloud-native applications

Rapidly develop and deploy innovative cloud-native applications designed for the cloud economy.

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Create cognitive solutions

Create new partnerships between people and computers that enhance, scale and accelerate human expertise through IBM Watson®.

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Fuel innovation with data and analytics

Engage your organization with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns, and pursue breakthrough ideas.

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Re-imagine transactional applications with blockchain

Use IBM Blockchain to unlock your ecosystem’s potential through a business network where everyone has control, but no one is in control.

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Keep existing solutions on the private cloud

Keep your cloud, your cloud with a private cloud that is dedicated to your organization to provide higher control and security.

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Leverage cloud for development and testing

Build new capabilities for digital disruption by developing, testing and deploying applications at the speed of cloud and at enterprise scale.

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Create and extend cloud-native and legacy applications and data

Seamlessly integrate applications, data and processes across both on-premises and cloud environments.

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Build and scale existing apps in the public cloud

Move workloads to the cloud seamlessly, enabled by way of a common platform for management, networking and security.

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Client use cases

IBM and KONE: Watson IoT Gives Lift To Innovation In Smart Buildings

"We operate in a connected world and, by working with IBM, new solutions like improved remote diagnostics and predictability mean we will deliver better services for our customers and great experiences for the people who use our equipment."

–Henrik Ehrnrooth, President and CEO, KONE

IBM and Bluebee: Speeding clinical results with a cloud-based platform for genomics data analytics

IBM and Bluebee: Speeding clinical results with a cloud-based platform for genomics data analytics

"A key differentiator is the availability of bare metal servers with fine-grained capabilities for defining what you need.... With IBM Cloud, you can engineer a system fitted exactly to the task at hand."

–Kurt Florus, Chief Technical Officer, Bluebee

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